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Royal expert Angela Levin pondered why some Royal Family members did not turn up to the unveiling of the Princess Diana statue as she believed Kate Middleton would have been a likely appearance. Ms Levin added Prince Charles’ absence was likely due to the “mixed feelings” he would have felt during the day as he not only would have needed to deal with Prince Harry but the complications with his relationship with Diana. But Ms Levin attacked the statue and was not overly keen on it, stating Diana had a good portrait face which may have been more suitable. 

Speaking on GB News, Ms Levin reflected on the statue unveiling at Kensington Palace and discussed the noticeable absentees at the ceremony. 

She was asked why Prince Charles, Kate and Meghan did not attend and whether their appearance would have “changed the dynamic”.

The biographer said: “Well I think one reason was because of the pandemic that they weren’t allowed as many people as they wanted.

“The second reason was, as I understand, I wouldn’t have thought Meghan would want to come anyway.

“But she’s just had a baby and I don’t know if she didn’t want to leave Lili or Archie – then I understand that totally.

“But I wasn’t sure why Catherine couldn’t come and support her husband there and why even the grandchildren, who are very well behaved and who would have been Diana’s grandchildren, why they couldn’t have come as well.

“But if not the children certainly Catherine should have done.

“I think, Prince Charles didn’t want to come because I think his feelings would have been very mixed.

Other royal pundits suggest Charles did not want to meet with Harry following the Duke of Sussex’s allegations against his upbringing. 

Prince Harry told the Armchair Expert podcast that Prince Charles passed on his “trauma” to him due to his upbringing under Prince Philip and the Queen. 

In addition, one of Harry’s allegations during his Oprah Winfrey interview was debunked by the royal accounts being published. 

It showed Prince Charles financially supported Harry and Meghan until Summer 2020 whereas Harry said he was cut off in the first quarter of 2020. 

The Sussex camp claims Harry was talking about the financial year quarter which runs from April to June. 

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