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The “tug of war” over Prince Harry’s attendance of the Princess Diana statue unveiling has drawn the irritation of royal commentators. Royally Obsessed podcast host Roberta Fiorito opened up about how her “patience is already being tested” by the “fraught back-and-forth”. She explained that the lack of confirmation about the Duke of Sussex’s intentions was “overwhelming”.

Ms Fiorito told listeners: “There is already so much speculation about the Diana statue unveiling.

“I am super excited to see Harry and William together.

“However it’s only May and it seems this will be all we talk about until July.

“There are already conflicting reports that Harry’s going or not going.”

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She continued: “So my patience is already being tested with this tug of war.

“We need a date, just confirm it now.

“I want to know, are you going or not?”

Co-host Rachel Bowie added: “The fraught back-and-forth is going to be the end of me.”

The Duke of Sussex is expected to travel back to the UK in July for the unveiling.

However, there are concerns that he will be unable to make it due to coronavirus restrictions and his wife’s pregnancy.

Meghan Markle confirmed that the new Sussex baby’s arrival will be in early summer.

Additionally, Harry’s attendance will depend on the UK and US’ travel laws at the time.

There have been suggestions that he could participate virtually in the worst case scenario.

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