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Following the changes to trade conditions for companies trading in the UK, some businesses have vowed to pull out of Britain to avoid the added customs checks. Amid this bitter Brexit plot to pressure the UK, readers have now declared they will boycott all EU products in response. Commenting on the story, one person said: “What they are really saying is that UK customers are buying more local products and are doing as I’m doing boycotting EU products where I can.”

A second said: “Here we go again, same threats coming full circle.

“If they don’t want to sell to us that’s ok we have 70 other countries around the world that will.

“If the EU are starting Project Fear again then perhaps it’s time to start going elsewhere now.”

A third said: “More than happy to buy non-EU products than EU products from now on.”

A fourth person said: “Nature abhors a vacuum, if European companies cease their UK exports, a UK company will come along and fill that requirement.”

In a bid to smooth trade issues, the UK has placed an amnesty on certain food goods entering the country from the continent.

Due to this, companies have avoided multiple checks on goods although this is set to end in the autumn when they will be applied.

Ahead of the end of this period, some industry insiders have claimed European exporters have declared they will not send products across to the UK.

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Scottish fishermen also saw a drop in exports to the EU at the turn of the year but in both scenarios, no amnesty was applied.

Indeed, as we head to the summer both have seen levels return close to what is normally expected although not to what they were pre-Brexit.

It is hoped this will also be the case for food products entering England although the Government has also set up working groups to help smooth issues.

This warning from the EU comes as Brussels finally approved the Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

Despite being signed in December, MEPs had previously asked for two extensions to the ratification process.

The deal was adopted by 660 votes for, five against and 32 abstentions on Tuesday.

Although MEPs approved the deal, those present in the EU Parliament declared Brexit a mistake for both sides.

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