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Several areas have seen temperatures drop to freezing levels in recent weeks. Parts of Britain have been blanketed in snow over the weekend, and the Met Office has issued further weather warnings for ice and snow this week. During these chilly times, there is financial support available from the Government for eligible people.

Cold Weather Payments are paid out to people who receive certain benefits during cold spells.

In order to get a Cold Weather Payment, the average temperature in a claimant’s area must be recorded as, or be forecast to be, 0C.

Temperatures must be 0C or below for seven consecutive days in order for Cold Weather Payments to be issued.

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Do Cold Weather Payments get paid automatically?

People who are eligible for Cold Weather Payments don’t need to apply for the funds, as they should automatically get paid to claimants of certain benefits.

People who think they should get Cold Weather Payments, but have not received any, can contact their local pension centre or Jobcentre Plus to discuss this issue.

Universal Credit claimants can add a note to their online journal, which can be accessed via a claimant’s Universal Credit account.

Alternatively, the Universal Credit helpline can provide assistance with Cold Weather Payments.

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