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At 23:00 on December 31 the UK exited the Brexit transition period and began trading with the EU on new terms negotiated by Boris Johnson. However since this point British fishermen exporting to the continent have complained their shipments have been delayed by extra paperwork causing many to go off before arriving.

Taking to Twitter Ben Habib, a former Brexit Party MEP, blamed the Prime Minister rather than Brexit for the ongoing problems.

He said: “The problems with fishing cannot be blamed on Brexit.

“If Boris Johnson had kept his promise of taking back full control the EU would have no option but to buy our fish.

“His deal allows them to come into our waters and take what they like. The problem: his ‘deal’.

“It’s akin to a shop owner inviting customers to take what they like for free and then wondering why they won’t buy the merchandise.

“The govt sold our fishermen down the drain. Not Brexit; their ‘deal’.”

Under the terms of the agreement reached by Mr Johnson EU fishing vessels will still have the right to fish in British waters until 2026.

After this point they could theoretically be excluded, but this could result in retaliatory measures targeting British produce.

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“And the fishermen are right (we’ve talked to them).

“The problem with European exports is us being outside of the EU — so we cannot send paperwork free like we could before.”

Earlier this week seafood exports protested in Westminster against the new rules.

In total 24 lorries took part, one of which had “Incompetent Government Destroying Shellfish Industry!” painted along its side.

Mr Johnson announced a £23million compensation fund to help those affected by the changes.


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