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Switch providers

Haggling and shopping around for the best utility deals could save you around £300 a year, and it’s easily done.

The experts said: “Sadly loyalty doesn’t pay, which is why it’s so important to do your homework and shop around when it comes to switching energy and utility bills.

“If you’re in a position to switch (i.e. you won’t face penalty fees) use an accredited energy price comparison website (Ofgem has a list of these) to compare deals and maximise your savings.”

Another great way to make a saving when switching is to do your switch via a cashback website, they said.

The experts explained: “Sites like TopCashback are paid a commission by providers, however instead of keeping the commission they pass it back to you as cashback.

“It is not uncommon for those who switch energy suppliers to save £250 plus per year.”

You could even get other discounts such as a better contract or other bills just by haggling.

The experts said: “There is a strong success rate with those that haggle – prepare for haggling by being armed with the prices and deals on offer from other retailers.

“That way, you can play rival brands off against each other and get better deals while they fight it out for your business.”

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