Home Alone Gingerbread Scene Marks 30th Anniversary


Disney is marking the 30th anniversary of Home Alone. Award-winning cake maker and designer Michelle Wibowo has made a detailed rendition of the iconic Christmas film set out of gingerbread.

The edible McCallister-inspired home includes miniature versions of Kevin, burglars Harry and Marv, and other memorable props and moments from the film.

Wibowo started by studying Kevin McCallister’s iconic suburban Chicago family home, and sketched designs of the different architectural details. The painstaking method took more than 300 hours and features delicious details that Home Alone fans will appreciate. Dedicated fans of the film should be able to recognize a gingerbread Kevin in the snow after crashing his sled and Harry and Marv’s iconic Oh-Kay Plumbing and Heating van.

The gingerbread reenactment includes 63 trees, 33 windows, 14 pizza boxes, and six lamp posts in all. The piece, commissioned by Disney, is currently on display at Oak Centre for Children and Young People at The Royal Marsden in Surrey, United Kingdom.

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