Best Tops From Gap 2021


While narrowing in on your go-to denim can take ages (and involve so much trial and error), once you’ve discovered your match, there’s a good chance you’ll stay loyal for years to come. But when it comes to what to pair with that perfect pair, well, that’s where things start to get interesting. After all, we’re still spending a ton of time seeing our friends, family, and coworkers from the waist up, so we’re never not in the market for a new top.

Lucky for us, there are dozens of options at Gap right now to swap in and out, from blouses to sweaters in velvet, poplin, flannel, and more. Plus, once you add a new shirt to your stash, you can also toss it over a skirt, a slip dress, or even your pajama bottoms in a pinch.

And not only are all our picks on sale, but most of them are an extra 50 percent off now, too. What in the world are you waiting for? Read on to see which top tops your to-buy list.

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